We have 18 years of experience installing residential driveways! Eighteen years of caring about our customers from the time we create the project plan with you to being sure you are satisfied upon completion. We walk you through the process from excavating the footprint of the driveway, basing with gravel, providing proper drainage, and tying into sidewalks, to offering the correct depth of asphalt mix, and more.  

But our experience and commitment to our customers doesn't stop there! You may only install one driveway in your lifetime and we know it is a significant financial investment. The true cost of your driveway is measured from installation to the end of its useful life. To help ensure that time frame doesn't come prematurely, be sure to consult with us on a thorough maintenance program including periodic seal coating, crack filling, and patching.

​​Asphalt is used in a variety of applications because it is durable, economical, quickly installed, recyclable, and if well maintained, long-lasting.

Let us consult with you about  your new installation: 

  • Is your foundation suitable for the type and weight of vehicles you expect?

  • Is there enough fall to allow for proper drainage or do we need to grade and level before paving? Or even add gravel?

  • Do you need a parking pad or a circle drive?

Let's talk about your existing driveway. You know, the one that needs help.  

  • Yes, we can patch pot holes or low, worn areas. 

  • When won't patches be worth the money? When the foundation is compromised. Time for a tear-out and new installation. 

  • What's an overlay? One or two inches of new hot mix asphalt applied over a worn, but solid existing pavement. 

  • Instant curb appeal either way? Uh-huh. At a reasonable price. Smooth and coal-black.

Gravel driveways are the right solution sometimes. But, yours doesn't have to have grass and weeds down the middle or be a muddy mess. Let us keep it functional and appealing. 

Gravel is the most economical driveway material. Drawbacks include encroaching vegetation and displacement of stone during snow plowing. But, we can address these issues in a day!


Repair techniques include:

1) grading to improve water runoff to prevent mud in your garage and eliminate depressions from vehicle weight and braking action

2) ​weed killing after grading to help retard weed and grass growth


Installation is performed by:

1) trucking gravel to your property and running it through our asphalt paver to achieve straight edges and even depth

2) compacting the stone with our vibratory roller to help keep stone in place longer

Basing refers to building the right foundation for your asphalt driveway. Without a foundation of proper depth, no driveway installation will pass the test of time. 

Seal coating is the first line of defense against pavement damage. It takes the abuse of nature and traffic, protecting your asphalt investment.

Asphalt gets brittle as it ages; sealer restores it with the oils that dry out and evaporate over the years. Plus, it is a physical barrier between your big investment and the abuse it receives. Don't wait until you see extensive cracking, buckling, low spots or holes; use sealer as a preventative medicine!


1) helps keep water from seeping into asphalt and causing erosion

2) acting like sunscreen, it helps prevent UV rays from drying out the surface mix

3) it replenishes oils to keep the pavement flexible in order to withstand the freeze and thaw cycles in our region (plus it helps melt snow)

4) and it creates a smoother, coal-black look that adds curb appeal 

Sealer needs to be reapplied every two-four years depending on weather and traffic.


Don't forget to seal cracks before you seal coat. We can take care of that too!